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This is another really nice photograph. You would be surprised at how many of these there are. I really like how cute this looks. Yeah, that's a pretty weird thing to say, but it really does come off as that way. It's nice to have a picture where you can see all the little things about it. Just look at how even the pieces of dirt are unique!

I guess any close up would do that. The tombstone is just the best touch. I can see now how it's made of clay. It looks like it's in a dog's dish. Even if it is, it's still nice to look at.

This is going to sound strange, but I'm giving this 5 stars, even though I didn't give the actual entry about it the same rating. I think it's because it just works better as an art piece. You really have shown off art here by making it a real photograph. You are so freaking awesome with this. A lesser man would have made a Photoshopped picture.

There are so many wonderful details in this. There's even a carrot and two green fingers poking out from the ground. It does seem like what a piranha plant would look like in real life! A pity you weren't working on that crappy live-action Mario movie. I think the teeth are probably the best feature. Congrats to you on your masterpiece!

Oh yeah, now it makes more sense to me. I think anything with the Thomas The Tank Engine face is going to stand out. I really appreciate how detailed this is. It reminds me about how you guys are zombie fans. I'm sorry about the loss of Edd. At least we have great things to remember him by.

It really is a nicely done picture. There's a good amount of blood distributed on his hands. It's probably the most unique fanart you guys have worked on. I guess all art here isn't technically "fanart". I just now noticed the stove hat...thing.

Well, here it is! I'm finally going to review the most watched art piece on the entire website! At least it was last time I checked. While not a favorite, I still loved this as most people do. It does make you wonder as to why is it so popular? Well, apart from having fantastic artwork, it's just cool to see something like that underground.

I have yet to see a real picture of a submerged iceberg. It's also funny to just see the potato's expression. He looks so powerful in his size but still has a goofy posture. It's also cool to see a picture that's this long. Even the dirt is nicely drawn.

This is probably my favorite picture from you, because it's just wonderfully done. The best part is the atmosphere. I just love the way these characters' bodies are shown. You get to see the shading of the place they're in. I don't really know where they "are", as I don't watch "Doctor Who". I assume all British people do.

Even the title is masterfully done. I would love to see more developments with this. They all have funny expressions. It has a wonderful amount of shininess to it. A lesser artist would have had too much. It also gives off a nice sense of adventure.

It's too bad you didn't have all three of them there. I think what makes this so good is how it's so your style. I thought that guy's name was Tord? Eh, there are too many of these characters to remember all their names. Yes, Eddsworld has favorited this. It's just such a nice picture.

It's always nice to see someone's take on something else. I keep forgetting that they even have Daily Features for art pieces. Well, you certainly deserved this with your high score. The background's pretty good too. While I personally didn't think it was that great, still good.

I admit that this seems more like a typical submission, but there's really nothing wrong with it. It's been awhile since I've seen those Castle Crashers guys. I was never even good at the game we had here. I think I recall that little guy. If nothing else, I'm glad he's being attacked. Chibi's such a funny word.

You seem to represent all the Castle Crashers well. I think you could work with the background wallpaper. It just looks kind of primitive. That guy's a knight too? No room for the brown knight here!

I admit I don't like this that much. It still isn't bad. I think it really does have a funny way of contrasting what these guys look like. It is kind of a classic feel. Of course, they both have the same goals. Many drawn people are ugly anyway, so it's nice to label them as molesters.

While it lacked color, it is nice to see something you made in a short time. I wish I knew how to upload stuff here I drew in real life. The all capitals are good for emphasis. I like the real paper you used. While not great, it is authentic.

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this is certainly a review

I guess the main reason this looks so good is because it reminds me of Edd so much. I really am just getting caught up on the stuff you guys did. It's wonderful to have such a nice picture like this. It truly shows everyone working together. It may be simple, but it sure tells a story. You've given me so many laughs over the years.

It's fun to see how everyone has a different facial expression. You even get some good work with shadows here. Some of the knuckles look a tad off. Even the background is pretty noteworthy. The names remind me of "Ed, Edd 'N Eddy".

This is a gorgeous picture! I think its biggest strength is how it really wants you to go down. I was afraid it was going to show something really scary at the bottom. Now that I think about it, that might have worked. Anyway, I just love the pardon the pun, watercolors here. You have created this wonderful world for yourself.

I would love to see this made into a full cartoon. I could probably say that about much 5 star pictures. You really have shown off art in this sense. It's interesting to see the metamorphosis slowly take place. It's quite a unique take on the mythos. I love it!

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