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Guilty pleasure

I could play this all day. The game itself has no point, but it doesn't need one! It was simple to make, yet it still managed to cause interest, because it was just so fun, if not for being pointlessly silly.

Pretty cool

While I admit it was really hard, the designs were great. I especially liked how the machine walked! Keep up the good work.

Great game

You're new here, but I'm glad to say that this is a great game! It's really hard, but the design is creative and manages to take a lot of thinking to be made. All in all, this is a great first game, and I look forward to any that you may have in the future!

Well done

Although I didn't get that far, I will say the storyline and overall art was really good. The porn was just so...random, but whatever, this was a well made game.

Telsa responds:

The game was built not really thinking of the porn. The porn was really just a bonus to make more people play it :P


I'm such a geek, I'll probably always vote 10 on these game submissions. The concept remains simple, but there's still so many ways to show off creativity in this field!

Great game

This is a great and original game. I thought it was weird because "TBA" usually means "To Be Announced" meaning that it is a title that is usually always a prototype for a name. But enough about that. I thought that the gameplay was great, so are the graphics, and all this for getting balls into triangle things. You took a simple idea but made it very creative. Impressive.


I never imagined that learning how to perform surgery could ever be fun, but I guess you proved me wrong! Keep up the good work.

Pretty good

I thought it was really wierd for you to make a gameplay that actually, you know, had a point. I was hoping for more of the crushing things/shooting things games you make. But at least the animation was good. Anyway, you may want to stick to the gore.

One of the best

This is one of the best and most inventive games I've ever played on Newgrounds. The graphics, gameplay and the like are great! It's funny, because I used to play this on a much slower computer, but that was actually easier! The final fight with Robotnik is simply unbeatable on a fast computer! All in all, great work. Let me know if you make a sequel or anything.

Great work

As much as this idea has been used, you still managed to come up with a pretty original concept. Finally, there's one of these where I could get past at least ''one'' character. Thank you very much for those tips. I'll go and watch TV and come back to this some time later. I have no clue why this wasn't frontpaged. Thumbs down, Tom Fulp! Anyway, you're a great author and I look forward to your future work!

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks alot

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