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It's so nice to see you back after all these years! I really do appreciate your art style. I was disappointed when the "Requiem For A Dream" music ended. It was really cool to see him with that earbud. I guess it makes all the more sense for him to get the iPad! Anyway, I was able to guess "time"!

Well, it was either that, water or death. Time was certainly up there! I liked how I didn't know where this was going at first. I'm glad you at least got Daily 3rd Place. The "modern" part makes so much sense now.

The best thing is how this started EXACTLY after the previous cartoon ended. I had no idea that would happen at the end. I was really surprised when it seemed to have a tender moment. Of course, it ended up being violent. Fine with me! The animation was great in this.

You truly have no idea what will happen next. Uh...happy Patriot Day? I really want to just avoid 911 by now. Everything was so wonderfully cartoonish. I appreciated the sheer creativity this had.

I had to go look up what YOLO meant. I knew it was an acronym for something. I feel so bad not knowing what it was right away. Anyway, this is a great cartoon. It really does build up at the end. Poop getting raped is just a very...interesting image to me. The animation works so well.

There was just so much crazy stuff going on. That really made it good. I like how fast everything is. Of course, it has to be like that when it's only two minutes long. You made great use of your time.

Well, that was certainly sick. A pity I didn't like it that much. I still appreciate that invisible ink joke or whatever it was. That really is quite clever. This seems a lot more like your standard animation style. The voices were pretty funny.

I really had no idea what was going on in this. I guess that's appropriate for your flashes. It just seemed more like you. I guess the animation could be a bit better? It's hard to really suggest anything with something so strange.

Wow, I'm really surprised this wasn't an MLP cartoon. That's just what everyone thinks about with ponies on the Internet. It's still a great cartoon. I love that effect at the end where it keeps panning out. It's not that relevant, it's just a cool effect. The voices are great.

The funniest part might be the dad at the beginning of the cartoon. It's a good setoff. I should have known drugs of some kind would be involved. I like how the ponies sometimes have fingers. The girl's voice is quite appropriate too. Congrats on getting such a high score!

I was pretty impressed by this. I really didn't understand where this was even going. It seems like your animation style has changed. It's more colorful. Well, I guess that's not animation. I really love how it ends like that.

It makes as much sense as the cartoon itself. That is, it didn't make any sense. These guys look like they have black eyes. Everything is really exaggerated here. I guess he was praising his boss' penis.

I think this is one of your funniest cartoons in awhile. You certainly are making a lot of them now. The voice was really good. It's been so long since I've been bothered by popups. I think most people have blockers for them now anyways. I appreciate the different styles used. The logo was pretty different.

The best joke is the blank screen one. Well, I guess that was what it was just building up to. You can't do that much in such a short time. I'm fine with the connection I have. You could make your cartoons a bit longer, though.

While quite funny, I didn't know what this was about. Are these scenes from other ones you've made? I know you haven't done Steven Universe yet. Yeah, something made by you that's actually work safe! Well, not really. Yes, I believe those are real quotes.

The animation is spectacular as always. You make it look just like the actual cartoons. This one just didn't show any private parts. I guess it'll be one of your least viewed cartoons. I shipped Beast Boy and Raven too!

This was quite flashy. I am glad that it wasn't too long. I admit to being confused by the exploding part. Whatever, it was fun to look at. I really do need to see "Sonic Boom" some time. The music was really good.

It seriously would be cool if Knuckles was in Super Smash Bros. Then again, Tails would be more appropriate. He's had more appearances at least. Oh, and Dr. Robotnik. Your artwork is as impressive as ever.

This is freaking awesome! I feel so bad for not following these cartoons. I would think at least some of these would have gotten front page. They're freaking amazing! Are you the same guy as Catoblepas? Did you change your name? The music is absolutely fantastic.

I'm so glad to have seen this when it was under judgement. I rarely find good stuff there. I'm certainly happy to pass this. You have some great different styles with this. This was just fun.

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what are you on about?
my work has gotten frontpage plenty of times, and ive been on newgrounds for years

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