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This was the first animutation I ever saw. I remember seeing it, and noticing how it was unbelievably preposterous AND I LOVED IT!!! I mean, you have to admit, a lot of it is pretty creative, plus it's great to see all these pop culture icons in one place! The song itself is great. I had no idea it was about pokemon. I thought it was a love song! It is sad because I don't see many animutations on Newgrounds anymore. Why don't you make more? You're a great flash artist and I want to see some modern animutations from peole from you!

Good work

It wasn't fantastic, but I think the idea was pretty original. Also, nice job for putting Paradox's HP at 9001. I'm surprised no one else noticed that!

Paradox responds:

Oh, I'm sure they did. I just hope I don't get loads of shit from people claiming I'm trying to be funny by ripping off an old meme. Just a bit of fun, but I'm sure sooner or later someone will take it seriously.

Thanks for the review. :)


Ah, I never thought I would describe a satire flash as being "cute", but this fits the bill.

Acid trip

When I watch a lot of crazy things like animutation or "YouTube Poop" it's like an acid trip to me. Now I can finally see a flash that ''is'' an actual acid trip. All I can say is, I could not love this. The animation is wonderful, and I believe it's your best work (and you're one of my favorite authors). Surrealism is all I need in a good work, even though it doesn't make any sense! Then again, it's not supposed to.


This wasn't on par with most of your other flashes and it was really ridiculous (not that I ever have a problem with that anyway) but it was okay.

Pretty good

While not on par with a lot of other stuff you (meaning all of you) have made, it was still watchable and pretty good.


I have no clue how this managed to get such a high rating. I guess it's not the worst flash out there, but it's still bad. Do you have a cult following somewhere or something?


As usual, the artwork is fantastic and the story is promising with a very nice twist. You never cease to amaze me!

Great as usual

Thank you again for another great entry in this series. I especially like the fact that you told the whole story in your submission. I had really no idea what this whole thing was about, but I loved it! I can't even remember the names of the bee robot or the red or purple robots, but I'm still a huge fan! Can you not merge these episodes into one or something? Why are they always in twos?

Great work

This is a great flash, if not for the fact that I like this song so much. The animation is zany as usual. A little too short, but still impressive.

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