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Wow, I was amazed at how high harder it was compared to the original. I liked how you used a remix of "Billie Jean" at the beginning. You have another submission dedicated to that entirely. It was strange how the first one was so easy. The best thing about this is the cameos by other characters from your games. Frank appears at the beginning and I see Castle Cat and nipple man (whoever he is).

It's sad to see something become less popular as time goes on with the recent reviews. At least the same can not be said for you yourself! I love the sound effects too. This might be even too fast paced, but that was probably because there were so many obstacles in it. Now this seems like a game that would have some high scores.

I found this game to be pretty good. I didn't like it how on one level, it simply seems impossible to beat. I am right in the path of a shooter and I am unable to avoid him. The graphics were also not that much. It was in fact interesting to play a game where you didn't need to collect everything. At least you didn't need to get the medal for that.

Or maybe you do, I haven't played the whole thing. I like how the shooters do not hurt you unless they are actually firing at you. You can't even really touch them. The sounds were decent enough. This was fine for a quick play.

I couldn't understand most of this, until I read the directions. It was weird because you kind of told us how to get the secret medals. Granted, they were all that way, but it was still kind of strange. It wasn't too easy of course, with a lot of hidden stuff. I didn't know MikeyS9607 was part of the Soup Squad. I think this may be the first submission from you guys that I've reviewed.

You would be surprised at how many of these organizations there are. The music was fine. I felt I at least learned some more about the users on this website. The medals will hopefully give it more views. I never played the first one.

SoupSquad responds:

First one has medals, too.

And no, I'm not surprised. There have been a lot of organizations. Most of them are dead. So far, it's only three crowns: Clocks, Locks, and Soups.

Woah, I don't know how I missed this one when looking at older games. What I love about this is how truly awesome it is! While it may be that you fight the same enemies over and over, it's still great fun. I especally love when you get to kick an enemy off the screen in the air. I will admit that I have no clue whatsoever on how to beat the boss. I don't know why he has an ice gun of all things, but it's pretty awesome.

You probably could have put more variety in the enemies. It is kind of funny to see the main character explode when he dies. If you're going to lose the game, might as well show off a fun effect while it happens! Oh, now I understand how the boss works. Dang, I have to look at author comments first more.

I think this was a good game, but it was hard to understand. I don't really understand how the game kept telling you the wrong amount of ammo. For some reason, my computer isn't showing the music up on the games I'm playing. The other sounds, however, are just fine. I liked how you could bump into your opponent. I really should read what keyboard button does what here.

I managed to get my opponent down to just one ship. I didn't even figure out how to fully play it until I had half my lives gone! While it wasn't that detailed, it still has good gameplay. It holds up fairly well after all this time. A pity it is not more popular.

I'm surprised that this does not have a higher rating. While not one of my favorites from you guys, this was still really fun to play. I think it might be because it has such a pleasant atmosphere to it. I probably do prefer games that have more conflict, but this is still awesome. The sound is also nice and quite soothing. It's interesting to have platforms that work different ways.

It could have used some music, though. I like how the pirate is presented in this little bubble. I would never think a pirate would be so cute. I mean, I think he's a pirate, given his name. It's great to see how fun this can be in its simplicity. I know I've played this with music before.

I'm not really much of a fan of these kinds of games, but this was surprisingly enjoyable. The level that I am not able to get past is the fifth one. The hardest part is probably finding out the right number of cuts. It's so easy at first, you forget you have a limited number. The music is quite stylistic and I liked how you didn't use the same song. It gives off a nice Oriental feel.

There wasn't a lot of detail in this, but a game like this doesn't need to have a lot of detail. It was satisfying to hear the boards being slashed apart. The levels are quite creative. It's difficult, but still quite straightforward in terms of gameplay. You have to use the bamboo parts for specific cutting, I learned.

I could not understand how I was even supposed to win at this game. It was strange, because there didn't seem to be anyway of fighting except pressing the same buttons over and over. I still have to give you credit for having great graphics. You rarely see 3D stuff here. The sounds were just of strange, I thought. It's still fairly well done.

I thought you could choose you were, but it's more of who you fight against. It's fairly unique for a fighting game. The perspective was really cool. The menu is also really cool and sets the stage well. Most of it holds up pretty well.

Oh! This was so close to being one of my favorite games, but there was one thing that really weighed it down. It was the fact that I had no idea whatsoever how to beat the boss. I tried attacking him from all angles and even turned into the small blue thing, but I still couldn't penetrate his body! Another complaint was how it was hard to control yourself some times.

This was still an awesome game as it had so much going on. I think the graphics were also wonderfully done. I just loved how you had so much freedom in this game. You can beat it any way you want! While it had no medals (yet), it was still cool to get the achievements.

I have to admit that this is just not the kind of game I am interested in. I couldn't understand what kind of game it was supposed to be. Okay, it does kind of say what it is. Still, it's just that I'm not a fan of these kinds of games. You don't have much control over what's going on. I still appreicate you for having some fairly original designs.

It just still isn't that creative. The music is decent and seems to set a nice tone. I guess there just could have been more going on and more comprehensiblity. It seemed like it was trying to be a defense game when it wasn't. You would think I would know more about games in general given the sheer number I have played.

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